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Haley y Marcel son de esos novios enamorados y felices, son de Canadá y se conocieron jugando fútbol soccer, se imaginaron un matrimonio tipo elopement en un destino exótico , por eso escogieron el hotel Eteka en la isla tierra bomba a 10 minutos de Cartagena en Colombia.

Los acompañó una amiga que fue quien ofició la ceremonia simbólica a la orilla del mar, y nada más que unas argollas para sellar su compromiso. Con pies descalzos porque el amor no necesita zapatos, ni grandes fiestas, ni 800 invitados, el amor sólo necesita dos personas que quieran decir sí para toda la vida y un fotógrafo que guarde los mejores momentos para toda la vida :))))

Fue mi primer matrimonio tipo elopement y confirmo que mientras haya dos personas que se amen el resto es adorno. Miren ustedes ????????cartagena colombia wedding photographer

They are from Canada and they chose Colombia for their elopement wedding. It was just the two of them and a friend who married them at a symbolic wedding; barefoot because love doesn’t need shoes, big parties, or 800 guests; love only needs two people who wants to say YES for a lifetime.

These are their vows:

«Haley you are my best friend, my life partner my soulmate, you complete me.

You are the most beautiful person in the world you make me happier than I ever thought I could be and I fall more and more in love with you every day.

I love walking up next to you and spending each and every day with you and cannot wait to spend our lives together and grow old in each others arms.

You complete me in every piece of our life. you are organized when I am not, you are cateous when I may not be, you’re perfect you’re perfect for me.

I promise to always continue to grow as a person with you throughout our lives to be the best partner and person I can be.

I promise to always support you, encourage you, laugh with you, challenge you and grown with you. I will always make your problems my problems and be by your side every step of our journey.

I will always try my hardest not to scrap my fork and to close the cupboard doors behind me.

together we will accomplish everything we set out.

I love you forever and always and will tell you I do every day of our lives.»

« Marcel.

I cant begin to express how much you have impacted my life or just how much I love you. You are the smartest most caring and patient man I have ever met. You make me feel like I am you world and that is something I never thought I deserved.

As we stand here today, vowing our love to each other, there are many things I cannot promise you. I cant promise you I will be perfect, but I can promise we will just perfect for each other. I cant promise I won’t raise my voice in anger, but I can promise I will equally raise my voice out of love. I can’t promise I will solve all of your problems but I can promise you won’t have to face them alone.

I also cant promise I won’t get angry at you for eating the last of something in the fridge, because that is just plan rude.

In all seriousness, I promise you I will love you fiercely until the day I die. That I will do everything to protect you from harm and I will work extremely hard to keep us happy.

I promise I will never give up on you or on us, I love you more than life.»