Right Place Right Time

From the moment I captured this picture I knew it was really unique and difficult to repeat. It was in a small town called San Pedro located in Antioquia, Colombia (South America) at Liliana and Daniel’s wedding. They were so happy that they did not realize what was going on around them. Dog man, apparently a homeless without hesitation or grace, walks down the church hall. I don’t know what his destiny or purpose was, but it makes me think about the beautiful contrasts in this photograph and the sad contrast of my country, where it is common to see images like this in real life and where inequality and poverty cross everywhere. I am Diana Zuleta, publicist by profession and passionate about the image world. After college, I served my career for two and a half years, but then bored of being behind a screen during office hours, I decided to pursue my hobby of photography. Since then I have been falling in love more and more with my work.
I believe that wedding photography is one of the most difficult kinds to do. In fashion or advertising photography, you can repeat a shot as many times as you want to achieve the best, while at weddings most of the time you have to capture moments that last seconds and freeze them forever. This is a challenge that inspires my work and keeps me on the lookout to capture the magic of two people in love expressing authentic emotions.