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Georgina & Jenn / Same Sex Destination Wedding Colombia

“Love knows no bounds, and in the heart of Medellin, Colombia, Georgina and Jenn are set to embark on a beautiful journey of forever. Join us in celebrating their love, as captured through the lens of the talented Diana Zuleta.

In the enchanting landscapes of Medellin, Georgina and Jenn’s wedding is a vibrant tapestry of joy, laughter, and profound connection. Against the backdrop of this lively city, their love story unfolds, and we invite you to witness the magic of their union.

Diana Zuleta’s photography skillfully captures the essence of this special day, freezing in time the genuine emotions, shared promises, and tender moments between Georgina and Jenn. As the sun sets over Medellin, the city becomes a witness to the celebration of love, diversity, and the unique bond that these two incredible women share.

Stay tuned for a visual journey that encapsulates the sheer happiness and authenticity of Georgina and Jenn’s wedding day. Medellin’s charm provides the perfect backdrop for this extraordinary love story, beautifully documented by Diana Zuleta.

Cheers to love, cheers to Georgina and Jenn, and cheers to a lifetime of happiness! Join us as we raise our glasses to this incredible couple and the beginning of their everlasting love story.”

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